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How to Defend - Jockey in Football

How to Jockey the attacker in football, or sometimes known as defenders putting pressure on the football player with the ball is an important aspect of defending, . Players, and in particular young players, have a tendency to "dive in" at the ball, often missing it completely due to the quick feet of the attacker, when they should hold back and jockey the attacker with the ball.

Jockeying in Football, is being as close to the ball as possible, within a short distance, and just close enough to be able to tackle. At this distance the defender is in control of the situation, being able to manipulate where the attacker will go and what he will do.

The defender should be in a low position with both knees bent, turned slightly at an angle from the attacker. The dominant foot of the defender should be furthest away from the attacker and with an even body weight the defender can move as close to the attacker as required, being then able to show the player inside or down the line.

Having the dominant foot back enables the defender to make a clean and easy strike for the ball if a good opportunity arises.

It's important to encourage players to stop attacking the ball while defending. By lunging at the ball the defender becomes unbalanced and is easily skipped passed by the attacker. SOCCER DRILLS

If however the defender quickly takes up the position and jockeys the attacking player, he forces the attacker to make a decision, not only does this give the defending team DEFENDING DRILLS time to regroup but it also puts a doubt into the attackers mind, increasing the chance that the attacker will make a mistake.


A drill to work on and encourage jockeying, is to have two players in a square about 10 yards apart. The attacker has the ball, the defender must run out to the attacker and take up the jockeying position, and without diving in for the ball, he should attempt to stop the attacker reaching the end line, and try to move him away. All through the exercise the defender should not touch he ball.




How to Defend - Jockey in Football