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Spike Ball

spike ball

a fun soccer drill designed to improve passing, receiving and support play. Suitable for all ages.



Good, fun keepaway game to improve passing and possession skills

Mark a 30x30 to 40x40 square depending on the number of players and ages, divide players into two teams, and use three soccer balls.

1. One team has the ball and plays keep away from the other team trying to make 10 consecutive passes for a score.
2. The other team has two balls and, using only their hands, attempts to spike the possession ball (throw and hit ball).
3. If the defending team spikes the ball then they become the possession team.

1. Players with the ball in their hands (defenders) can only move 3 steps. This means the defending team must throw and catch the ball to move close for a chance to spike the ball.
2. Defenders without the ball can move freely.

1. Encourage possession team to continually switch the ball away from the pressure. Trap and turn away from the passer!