Liverpool FC Official Academy Coaching Drills & Sessions

The Liverpool FC Way

Your brief description of the LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL ACADEMY view, gives you an insight into Playing The Liverpool FC Way. Please read and below you will find a complete free set of 50 Coaching Drills in a format issues by Liverpool FC. These are issued for information purposes and are not for resale and we make no money from these, and are to be used for Coaching Purposes.

Many people are also interested in LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL ACADEMY, and if you have a passion for Liverpool Coaching then THE LIVERPOOL FC GAME PASS & MOVE SMALL SIDED GAME, id just the drill for you. We can also inform you Liverpool FC Academy launch new football academy trials, and remember all you need regarding trials can be found here LIVERPOOL FC ACADEMY.

Liverpool Academy Coaching History - Liverpool FC Coach

Liverpool football club is recognised around the world as one of a small elite groups of clubs with a true world wide reputation. For the last fifty years the club has been at the forefront of British and European football, winning numerous championships and European club tournaments. During this time, there has been a consistent tradition of developing top class players, particularly from the Liverpool area. Currently Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen and Jamie Carragher are examples of home grown talent who would rank in the very top chelon of players world wide.
We believe passionately in a ‘Liverpool Way’ of doing things and indeed, football fans would identify a clear ‘Liverpool Way’ which sets us apart from other clubs in a real and tangible way.

Whilst the development of local players has been at the core of our philosophy we have always believed that we have a responsibility for the all round education of our young players as we prepare them not only for football but for life after football- a truly historic approach. Also running alongside our player development programme has been a coaching development programme.

To play or work for Liverpool Football Club is a great honour. It does not matter whether you are 9,19,29 or 59- the magic is the same. Football is a simple game but when talented players, gifted coaches and sensible parents are united together, they can move mountains.
Everyone in this Academy should be aware of the traditions of this club, the standards
and values that the club represents, the responsibility that we all share to behave in a
professional way that seeks improvement, excellence and success without sacrificing the
values that we hold so dear.

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Liverpool FC Official Academy Coaching Drills & Sessions

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