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Receive & Quick Play Football Drill  - Aged 10+

This receive & quick play football drill has been donated by qualified Football Coach Matthew Kirckwood. We thank Matthew and recommend his coaching and website.

Session Difficulty: Medium

Receive & quick play football drill is working on developing the players technically to receive the ball on both feet, and to play accurately and quickly off two touches. I have varying beliefs as to limit young players touches, as we should be telling them don't rush with only two touches if you have more time however I do believe that if we limit touches, it makes them concentrate more, and therefore become quicker.


Session Requirements


- Area size 20 x 20

- Minimum of 10 players

- Bag of Footballs (size appropriate)

- Set of coloured cones

- Two sets of coloured bibs



- The aim of this session is to develop the players ability to receive on the back foot which will ultimately make them play quicker, and more effectively.

- Set two cones 10 yard's apart, then the third cone in the middle of the two cones 15 yards away to make a triangle.

- Two players on each cones, with one player in the middle.

- Both groups go at the same time.

- Player A feed the ball, at pace into the middle player.

- The middle player is the one working, as he should receive on his back foot, and immediately play to the opposite group.

- As soon as player A passes, he then sprints to the opposite group, working on movement and change of pace.

- The ball keeps transferring through the middle player.

- Work for two minutes then swap over.

Coaching Points

- Players must give a good, firm pass into player in the middle - Accuracy and pace is key to a successful session.

- Ensure effective communication is given on the pass.

- Middle player quick look over the shoulder to see his position.

- Receive on the back feet, and play with the opposite foot to make the move quick.

- Communicate with second group to were the ball is to be received i.e. left side.

- Look at body shape when receiving?

- Is the ball bouncing off his foot? Needs to cushion the ball.

- Movement when receiving the ball i.e. turn away, then come in quick to receive instead of straight line running.


- Increase time in the middle to work on cardio

- As soon as you play, sprint to the opposite group

- As soon as you play, you follow your pass.